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His name is Gregory.

He is from Eastern Europe and he has strong hands. He likes it when I strip him down naked, cook him soup, and sweep his floors. He says it reminds him of his wife, who died of cancer three years beforehand. Sometimes, I give him a blowjob or I ride him for a short while until he ejaculates. Then he falls asleep and I leave the soup steaming on the bedside table and I leave.

He smells of lavender and black cherries. I watched him get ready once. Before he asks me to leave, he always gives himself a small spritz of his wife’s perfume, which he keeps in a locked drawer in his fireproof desk. 


Anonymous said: What do you do when you're on your period? Are there some customers who are still interested, or do you just take the week off?

Well, I’m on birth control right now, so I rarely get my period. When I do, I just tell my agency, and I am available for dinner and such. There are, of course, some people who have their fetishes, so I am up for that if they are willing to pay.

Of course I would just like to take the week off, but this is a job, so I still have to work :/

Anonymous said: In your experience, what is the life of a transgender sex worker like? Do you know of any?

We have a transgender ftm working in our agency. They find the work quite nice, apparently, but they do run into fetishization quite a bit. Sometimes they like it (Being put up on a pedestal, being treated like they are the single most sexy thing in the entire world) and sometimes they don’t. I personally don’t have any experience with it, other than servicing a trans* customer who is very sweet (They are getting used to having sex as a different gender with me.) 

Sex is the only thing i can give away for free but i cant sell

~Jenny DeMilo. Now keep your antiquated laws off my body!

fightin' words

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Anonymous said: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a sex worker?

Get yourself tested, get confident, and open your eyes as well as your ears. You can find agencies all over the place if you look in the right area or talk to the right people. 

One of the things that fails most girls is that they aren’t confident enough. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to get in close and personal with a stranger.

Anonymous said: How does your agency, and agencies like yours, avoid trouble with the law and still manage to bring in new clients?

Word of mouth goes a long, long way. 

Also, it’s all how you word something. A massage is just a massage, right? Company is just company, right? If a worker *decides* that they want to have sex with the client after the massage, then they get paid for the massage, but not the sex. 

It’s tricky and hard to explain, but that’s basically the jist of it. 

A Close Call

I do not work from the streets. I sit behind my computer, with my special cell-phone at my side suited to these purposes. The only time I’m outside is if I’m walking to a clients home, or if they specifically asked to have sex outside. 

I was leaving the apartment of a good client of mine once. My payment was tucked into my purse, and I was checking my phone for my next appointment. I quickly began to move on to my next place.

Note, I only wear revealing or scandalous clothes when actually inside the clients dwelling if the ask for it. When moving from place to place, I just wear street clothes (My favorite is jeans and a tshirt with a nice sweater,) nothing different from what you’d seen on an average 20-year-old.

I noticed a police officer out of the corner of my eye. Nothing strange about that. I quickly turned and began to walk to the bus.

He asked me to stop and face him. Slowly, I did, unsure of what was going on. My heart began to pound. Had I just been busted? There was no way that could have been possible! The officer had no way of seeing what was going on, and my client had been loyal to my agency for several years. I quickly reached into my pocket and dialed the phonenumber of my actual phone (I have a work phone and a personal phone.)

I asked him what the trouble was. He asked if I was okay, since my lips had been bitten red and there was a small mark on my neck. Normal sex injuries. I said that everything was okay and I was just trying to get home.

He looked at me for several more minutes, eyes sweeping up and down my body. I felt small and scared in that moment, this white, cisgendered man in uniform towering over me. He stepped closer, as if trying to inhale something. I was afraid he’d ask me to empty my bag, though I knew he had no right. 

"Just making sure. Have a nice day, mam."

With that, I left without a word. I didn’t want to be around him anymore. I always check to see if he’s there when I go to that apartment, as nosy cops can be incredibly dangerous when they want to be. 

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